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Boarding and Grooming

Boarding and Grooming Carpinteria Veterinarian Dog Cat

We are happy to provide boarding, daycare and grooming services exclusively to our current patients.  Each patient coming in for boarding or grooming services must be current on a wellness exam and recommended vaccinations.  

Bringing your pet to us for all their health and grooming needs ensures your pet is familiar with us and our facility and reduces their stress when they come in for wellness exams, boarding, grooming, or procedures/surgery. Pets thrive when they feel comfortable and safe, and it benefits your pet when you make Carpinteria Veterinary Hospital a second home for your pet.


We offer limited grooming services at Carpinteria Veterinary Hospital. We know a regular grooming schedule aids in overall pet health maintenance.  We offer regular and medicated bathing, mat brush out/clip out, whole body shaves (for dogs and cats) and the basics (nail trims/anal sac expressions). 

If you have a pet who has severe grooming anxiety, a doctor can sedate your pet while a highly trained anesthesia assistant supervises him or her during the grooming process.  


Carpinteria Veterinary Hospital boards exclusively for our clients.

  • You love your pet and want the best care for them while you have to be away from home.
  • Board your pet with us and we not only will we make sure your pet is clean and comfortable, but we’ll attend to any health issues that arise while you are gone.
  • Carpinteria Veterinary Hospital is a Clean, Safe, Familiar place for your pet to board while you are away.
  • Regular wellness exams mean your pet already knows our doctors and staff, and is used to the smells and sounds of our boarding facilities. Your pet will be less stressed when they stay with us while you are gone!

Due to our location close to private residences, we must be considerate of our neighbors.  If you would like to board your dog with us, he or she will need to pass a trial board to ensure boarding at CVH is the right fit for your pet as well as for our neighbors! Some dogs will be quiet and comfortable at home, but the excitement of a veterinary hospital might be too much and he or she will either thrive or become vocal about the experience.  If your dog is too loud (or stressed in some other way), boarding at CVH may not be the best option.  

A trial board will consist of your pet being dropped off in the late morning or early afternoon so he or she has the chance to settle in, meet our staff and in some cases meet some new friends for playtime before dinner and bed.  When you pick up your dog the following day our staff will let you know how the stay went. 

Our Boarding Care includes:

  • Three to four supervised play times daily and fresh litter all day for cats
  • Large blankets and beds for napping
  • Fresh water available all day
  • Feedings Scheduled according to your pet’s at home schedule
  • Skilled staff to watch over and care for your pet
  • Affectionate attention and supervision
  • You can opt for your dog's to have 1-2 walks per day (for an additional fee) in addition to regular play time.
  • Medication administration (including injectable medications)

Our staff loves animals and works with them daily, so you can be confident your pet’s needs will be handled with expertise and compassion.

We provide clean, fresh bedding and dishes, as well as food and exercise for your pet. All their needs will be met with love!

Requirements for boarding

1) Up to date wellness exam at CVH

2) Flea control

3) Intestinal parasites screens (fecal samples) are required annually if your pet will be boarding at CVH.  If your pet has not had a screen, we can perform one during boarding and will treat any parasites as necessary.

4) Vaccinations:


  • Rabies
  • DAP combo vaccination
  • Canine cough (Bordetella) vaccine


  • Rabies
  • FVRCP combo vaccination


We recently switched from a vet in SB to Carp Vet Hospital and couldn't be happier. I instantly felt satisfied with my decision to switch to Carp Vet Hospital when I was greeted by the friendly staff at the front desk; it made the drive there worth it. Also, the two people who sat beside me in the waiting room were long-term customers and told me that I would love bringing my pet there, as they have for years. Dr. Putnam was so gentle and patient with our anxious pup, and took the time to answer all of our questions. We are so happy that our most beloved dog is now being treated by Dr. Putnam and the staff here. We know she is in the best hands!
Katie V.

Carpinteria Veterinary Hospital