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Pet Products

Enhance your pet’s health and enjoyment of life with our selection of Pet Products!

With so many pet products out there, knowing what the best products are for your pet can be confusing. Please ask any of our staff what our veterinarians suggest for good quality pet products, shampoos, supplements and preventative care medications.


Fleas and ticks can be a year round problem for many of the pets in our area.  The options for parasite control can be daunting and not all products are created equally. Unfortunately, some similar looking products have significant adverse effects or simply do not work!  Please ask any of our staff for our specific recommendations.


Over 75% of people in the US take supplements and many of these people will also give them to their pets.  Over a billion dollars a year are spent on pet supplements! Unfortunately, there is no quality control regulation for supplements and they are certainly not created equally. We firmly believe supplements can aid certain health conditions and recommend them frequently. We assure the supplements we recommend are made from quality ingredients and independently tested.


There are many excellent diet options for pets. We carry and may recommend specific diets for pets with dietary sensitivities or health issues.  


Most dogs enjoy a good chewable treat.  We encourage the use of chews to help with oral health although caution you to pick carefully. Hard chews run a significant risk of breaking teeth. Dogs love pig's ears and deer antlers, but vets do not! Generally speaking, any treat that you are unable to dig your fingernail into should be avoided. Also, we only recommend treats made in the US.  Too many of our patients have fallen ill from jerky treats made in China.  Please ask which chew treats we recommend.


Many of our patients are sensitive to specific ingredients in food and in order to stay healthy, are kept on a very strict diet.  We have many options for these pets including treats, chews, pill pockets and supplements.  If your pet is on a restricted diet, please ask us about your options. 


Dermatological problems are one of the most frequent reasons for pets to visit the vet.  We have a supply of over-the-counter medicated shampoos, conditioners, and sprays in stock available for most ailments.


We have recently adopted a puppy named Rollo and have been bringing him in to see Dr. Putnam. All of the staff has been nothing but friendly and informative. Dr. Putnam was extremely kind and took care of Rollo's skin problems and suggested a puppy school for him since he's a pitbull. Rollo has spent some days boarding there and loves his days with the other puppies. Overall we couldn't imagine a better place for our puppy and we feel very confident that Rollo is getting the best pet health care for very affordable prices.
Micah P.

Carpinteria Veterinary Hospital