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Traveling with Pets

Enjoying trips with your pet within the US or internationally requires some planning!

Traveling with Pets Internationally

Traveling will be more pleasurable for both you and your pet when things go smoothly. So get a head start by reading this page and contacting us to set up an appointment for your pet. Make sure to let us know when and where you are planning to travel. 

Please be sure to check on the requirements for your specific destination at USDA APHIS Pet Travel. Researching requirements will help you plan and manage time deadlines.

How long does getting ready to travel take?

Depending on your destination(s) you will probably need us to issue  a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) for your pet. Also known as a health certificate, the CVI is an official document issued by an accredited veterinarian certifying that the animals identified on the document have been inspected and have been found to satisfy the regulations applicable to their planned travel itinerary – nationally or internationally.  

There are several factors that will affect our time frame for providing a health certificate:

  1. Does your pet need any vaccinations updated?
  2. Is any diagnostic testing indicated?
  3. Will your pet require the administration of any medications or treatments?
  4. Are there any other supporting documents indicated?

We will do a physical exam, assess your pet's health and determine what, if any, supplemental diagnostics, vaccinations and or medicine/treatment are needed.

*Please note that our staff will need time to prepare the necessary travel documents and we regret that we may be unable to issue same week CVI's.

**If you are travelling internationally, please be aware that travel to some countries (with pets) may present requirements that can take two to three months to meet in full. Often, an APHIS endorsement of the CVI will be required, and your pet’s health certificate will need to be submitted to a USDA APHIS Veterinary Services Endorsement Office after it has been issued by us. We will advise you how to navigate this process.

How much will obtaining a CVI for my pet cost?

Traveling with Pets in the US

There are costs associated with issuing a CVI, depending on the type of CVI you need, your pet's health, and the locale-specific requirements of where you are travelling. Please be sure to check on the requirements for your specific destination at USDA APHIS Pet Travel -- your research is an important part of the pet travel preparation process.

Associated costs WILL include:

  1. Physical Exam
  2. Health Certificate (price depends on where you are travelling and whther there are any required supplemntal documents)

Additional costs MAY include:

  1. Updating and/or additional vaccinations
  2. Blood tests
  3. Prophylactic parasite treatments
  4. Any other medication or treatments necessary to ensure your pet's health and safety
  5. APHIS endorsement of International Travel CVI's: User fees will apply

Make sure you and your pet are ready for departure by getting started as soon as possible!

Call us today at (805) 684-3617 to get ready for the pleasures of traveling with your pet!

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